The Cayre Group Sourcing Team is engaged in sourcing on a global scale. Our sourcing strategy is designed to optimize the mix of cost, lead times and construction capabilities. We control our supply chain from design through production by selecting partners who demonstrate integrity, quality and reliable delivery and can achieve and maintain The Cayre Group's high quality standards, which are an integral part of our identity.

Our manufacturing partners are capable of supporting a wide variety of product categories, materials and fashion-oriented styles, which allows us to meet shifts in marketplace demand and changes in consumer preferences. With the assistance of our Shanghai Office, our Sourcing Team continues to seek out new manufacturing opportunities and geographies to deliver the finest quality products at the lowest cost.

Once an opportunity is identified, The Cayre Group, as part of its decision-making process, evaluates each facility by conducting a quality and business practice standards audit which includes assessing the potential supplier's ethical treatment of its employees and its commitment to sustainability. Through periodic, random evaluations, we continue to appraise our partners' facilities to ensure compliance with our quality and fair-practice standards.